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Taylor Quinn

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33 action(s) taken with Taylor Quinn
Ken Richardson says:

I respect the enviorment.I dont litter.I don’t run my vehicle unecessarily.I volunteer in my church.
I support university scholarships and bursarys

Nancy says:

I pledge to find new, creative ways to re-use things and to share these (crazy) ideas with my students to challenge them too.

Kari Brown says:

I pledge to support more local & reduce my dependance on imported goods.

Paul Manning says:

I pledge to be a steward for clean air, water and soil & to use my voice and opportunity to act as an ambassador for holistic agricultural production.

Kamelle Fuerte says:

I pledge to continue to buy local meat and veggies when I can AND pledge to grow more of my own food!

Bianca Muller says:

I will not buy drinks produced by Coca Cola.

Morgan Richter says:

I will volunteer while always smiling and will reuse and conserve more.

“I want to live in a world where people are thinking about the everyday actions that they take.” -Taylor

Taylor QuinnTaylor is a student of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Taylor currently works for the Dalhousie Student Union’s Leadership Department while working towards a degree in International Development Studies. His experiences include starting his own projects, including a small non-profit and social movement in Vancouver and a small community business here in Halifax ( teaching computer and tech skills to kids at a summer camp.

Taylor recently started his own society and worked developing the Innovation Program for the Dalhousie Student Union. Taylor recently received the Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General for his commitment to community activism. His leadership and drive inspires those around him to work hard, be responsible, and live their lives as global citizens.