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Taylor Quinn

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33 action(s) taken with Taylor Quinn
teri k says:

I will volunteer with or donate to a local food bank.

Tom Homewood says:

I will weight the success of my business ventures not in terms of personal gain, but by the social and environmental impact that result.

Henry Whitfield says:

I will be more active in donating to the local food bank, as well as donating no longer used clothing instead of throwing it away.

Ali Calladine says:

I will base my actions on what I’m passionate about and not what society tells us is important to care about.

Jo Fitzgibbons says:

I will make an effort to change my lifestyle to be more environmentally sustainable, and encourage others to do the same.

John Hutton says:

I will do everything I can to make education accessible for everyone.

Becky Richter says:

I’m going to purchase more of my groceries from the local farmers market.

“I want to live in a world where people are thinking about the everyday actions that they take.” -Taylor

Taylor QuinnTaylor is a student of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Taylor currently works for the Dalhousie Student Union’s Leadership Department while working towards a degree in International Development Studies. His experiences include starting his own projects, including a small non-profit and social movement in Vancouver and a small community business here in Halifax ( teaching computer and tech skills to kids at a summer camp.

Taylor recently started his own society and worked developing the Innovation Program for the Dalhousie Student Union. Taylor recently received the Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General for his commitment to community activism. His leadership and drive inspires those around him to work hard, be responsible, and live their lives as global citizens.