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Sabrina Andrews

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1,046 action(s) taken with Sabrina Andrews
Bobbi Bartlett says:

: I pledge that I will help the less fortunate whenever possible

Hayley Hillier says:

: I pledge to turn the lights off when I leave a room and to also not turn on the shower until I actually get in!

Cheryl Chipman says:

I pledge to recycle everything

Laura Race says:

I pledge to recycle and compost

Mrs Warren says:

I pledge to grow more of my own food.

Mr Warren says:

I pledge to grow more of my own food.

Mrs Marsh says:

I pledge to volunteer with the Red Cross and the food bank.

“I want to live in a world that doesn’t consider physical conflict as a means of problem solving.” -Sabrina

Sabrina AndrewsWith her father being a member of the local search and rescue, and her mother being an avid community volunteer, especially during times of natural disasters and other crises such as 9/11, it’s no wonder Sabrina grew up knowing her actions can make a difference.

Sabrina has focused her passion on inspiring youth. As an executive team member on her schools Social Action Committee, Sabrina “encourages students of her school to take global action, action in their community and to have a passion for positive change.”

By helping organize a Relay-for-Life team, a 30-hour Famine event, a school breakfast program, and helping ensure her school remains one of the top blood donors in the province, Sabrina has influenced those around her to stand up and get involved.

Sabrina continues to inspire youth, not only through her own volunteer actions, but also through teaching. For the past three years, Sabrina has enjoyed teaching public speaking, citizenship, leadership, community services, and self-esteem courses in her cadet squadron.

“I want to know that just by the way I live my life and how I present myself people can look at me as a positive role model. I want to help create a passion and a desire in others to stand up for everything they believe in.”