Active-8 Campaign

Choose wisely. Act once with an Ambassador.

Noah Richardson

Thank you for your pledges of action. Our system is now closed.

300 action(s) taken with Noah Richardson
Emilie Roy says:

Work with Service Learning helping those in need in the Antigonish Community.

Gerard Greenan says:

I will volunteer at SPC’s KD lunch for TOSH students and donate food to this outreach as well as to our local food bank.

Tracy Sheppard says:

I pledge to focus on the Reduce portion of the “3R’s. I will purchase products with less packaging and as local as possible.

Pix Butt says:

Your campaign is happening when I am on a medical leave….but action takes many forms! I will hunt through the daily paper to find local opportunities to be involved to make our world a safer, healthier, more joy filled for ALL. I’ll share my findings with our youth group and others. Share the ACTION!
Thanks for leading the way Noah!

Jacquie Moore says:

Today, I will have a meat-free day.

Annika Sangster says:

Today I will work towards empowering people with mental health issues.

Audrey Jones says:

I will really make an effort not to use so much water

“I want to live in a world that holds no boundaries, where walls are not put up in exclusion, but instead torn down in an act of acceptance and inclusion”. -Noah

noah.richardsonNoah Richardson lives in Summerside, Prince Edward Island and is an exceptional young man. At just 16, he is a statesperson with a passion for excellence, justice, safe communities, leadership and youth action. He is the President of the Student Government Council at his High School and was elected Junior Mayor of Summerside while attending Junior High. He also writes for the Journal Pioneer newspaper in his community on the perspective of youth.

Noah grew up in a church family, with his father being a United Church Minister, and spent many years getting to know people’s stories and sharing his own. Even as a young boy, he was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. In the summer of 2010, Noah spent 11 days in Halifax as part of a youth and young adult residential program called the GO Project. Participating in the GO Project and working with numerous mission sites in the Halifax area that deal with issues surrounding poverty and hunger is what called Noah to action in his own community. He firmly believes in helping others and motivating others to develop peaceful communities.

Noah is most inspired to take action for peace and justice when he participates in something that is moving or that ignites a spark in both his mind and heart to motivate others for change. He is deeply inspired by the many people of all ages he witnesses working compassionately in his own community, province and country. As he continues to travel the country and the world, his one wish is to keep the conversations going, encourage positive action and to pass to others the torch of peace.