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Kyle Warkentin

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16 action(s) taken with Kyle Warkentin
deborah couzens says:

i pledge to be a better recycler

Stephanie Welcher says:

I pledge to waste less food

Valerie Yule says:

I want to promote respect for each other, the earth and her creatures. Thanks for this inspiration Kyle!

Danica Richards says:

I will support an organization that works to increase the presence of midwives, doulas, or doctors at childbirths

Stephanie mITRO says:

to use less water, and reduce waste

Meslisa Conrad says:

i pledge to waste less paper

Jessica Casey says:

i commit to waste less water

“I want to live in a world where there is no suffering, no heartache, and no selfish greed; where education is the mighty power that can change the views of many, and spread that and cure thousands”. -Kyle

Kyle WarkentinTwenty-two year old Kyle Warkentin was born in Vancouver and moved to Halifax in June 2000. Kyle’s biggest and most life changing trip was to Kabwe, Zambia, Africa. There, Kyle worked with people living with HIV/AIDS who were at the end of their life. Kyle was touched, he wanted to do something, besides being on a team that would go back to comfy Canada.

This is how Kyle got the idea to start Shoes for Souls, where he collected 60,000 pairs of footwear and sent them to Haiti and Africa.

Kyle is a Council Member of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a team Leader for the Ghana 2013 Global Water Brigades, and a part of the Order of Canada Mentorship Program in which he had personally started initiatives with the former Governor General of Canada.