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Haruho Kubota

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95 action(s) taken with Haruho Kubota
Hagyoung Yoon says:

I will walk more than drive on the way to school.

Anna Robertson says:

I will only buy free trade chocolate!

Anonymous says:

I will only buy free trade chocolate!

Manaal Farooqi says:

I will try to participate in gender equality discussion on campus!

Katrina Xavier says:

I learn to learn about a culture other than my own.

Anonymous says:

I pledge to look out of the box and expand my knowledge. Live life at every angle learn and respect every culture.

Ian M. says:

I will not use gender-normative language!

“I want to live in a world where everyone lives in the pursuit of happiness”. -Haruho

Haruho KabutaHaruho is one of the most dynamic, outgoing and committed international students at Mount Allison University. She is in her third year of a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, minoring in Psychology.

Haruho was the Student Chair of this year’s International Orientation, President of the annual MOSAIC banquet (an evening of international food and fashion which is open to the public), organized campus fund-raising efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, and is on the university cross-country running club.

Haruho believes that small things really do make a difference. She lives by a Japanese quote that states “even garbage when collected, becomes a mountain”, meaning that even something without value such as garbage, becomes significant when added together to create a mountain.