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Donovan Taplin

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Linda Shea says:

I pledge to donate to the local food bank.

Ben Noseworthy says:

I pledge to contribute to the local food bank.

Hollie Neary says:

I pledge to conserve water.

Marilyn Stoyles says:

I pledge to donate used clothing.

Leslie Kielley says:

I pledge to donate the single parent association

Sharon White says:

I pledge to donate used clothing and recycle more

Tyler Hussey says:

I plege to walk more, drive less.

“I want to live in a world where people have the courage to inspire others, by telling their story.” – Donovan

Donovan TaplinDonovan is passionate about the power of stories. He has been part of both the Students on Ice Arctic and Antarctic Youth Expeditions and is a member of the Students on Ice Alumni Delegation. This group traveled to Rio de Janeiro Brazil for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development last year. As an alumnus of Students on Ice Expeditions, he traveled to the Arctic and Antarctica to learn about the social, political, and environmental crisis experienced by these regions. He has been telling the stories of these rare adventures through public speaking engagements and numerous community projects. Locally, he founded the Green Island Society, a group which launched a presentation and essay program at the elementary school, a letter campaign, and town-wide clean-ups. He helped found Radio Bell Island Inc. where he has had the opportunity to interview notable Canadians such as Peter Mansbridge and Seamus O’Regan and invoke a stronger sense of community through radio.

Currently an undergrad student at Memorial University, Donovan has been renowned for his leadership and community contributions as a recipient of Canada’s most prestigious national scholarships for high school students, the Loran Award (declined) and the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership.

What inspires Donovan to take initiative is rooted in a strong belief to “think globally and act locally”. His experiences around the world have enhanced his capacity to work within his community as an agent of social change. Having traveled to the Polar Regions, the planet’s most fragile environmental areas and cornerstones of the global ecosystem, he was motivated to educate others on the importance of sustainable development. He’s inspired by the sight of collapsing glaciers, endangered penguin colonies, polar bears looking for food on rocky islands, and the thought of working to ensure sustainability for current and future generations.