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Bobby Thomas Cameron

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649 action(s) taken with Bobby Thomas Cameron
Sarah says:

Je me porterai volontaire avec ou faire un don à une banque alimentaire locale.

Rana says:

As of today, I will strive to create equality between all people through means of awareness campaigns and with my own deeds and actions.

Sherilyn Acorn-LeClair says:

I will eat less meat

ShirleneO'Brien, MAEd. says:

I am tutoring a mature student through Reading Horizons, a literacy program, and the GED prep, three hours per week.

Shannon says:

I pledge to purchase sustainably produced, local food and promote this practice amongst my friends and family.

Connie Doucette says:

I will donate supplies to the PEI Humane Society.

Noah Richardson says:

I pledge to be a voice to people who can’t be heard.

“I want to live in a world where everyone can see themselves achieving their own dreams irrespective of imagined or real boundaries and borders.” – Bobby

BobbyThomasCameronGrowing up in Hampton, and being a part of a family active in the local community, illustrated the importance of community for Bobby. This ultimately fuelled him to participate in community building and promote social justice, both locally and internationally.

It was Bobby’s international experience that would influence his future life choices even more so. After participating in a Canadian Exchange with the Mediterranean: Migration Experiences and their impact on Nationalism, Trans-Nationalism, and Identity in Malta, followed by an internship with Students for Development and Farmers Helping Farmers in Meru, Kenya, Bobby came back with questions.

“When I returned to Canada, without a doubt I had begun to question my own identity. What did it mean to be Canadian?… How responsible am I to alleviate inequality and improve social justice? And most importantly, how do I go about doing so?”

Without stopping, Bobby continued to strive to shape both his local community and help make the world a better place elsewhere. In 2008, Bobby was a delegate at the Global Youth Assembly in Edmonton. While going to University of PEI, Bobby was a tutor and member of the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada; leading a literacy group, and also a member with WUSC’s Student Refugee Program.

With a successful honour’s thesis on refugee policy on PEI and research conducted on refugee reception in Malta and the European Union, Bobby’s education compliments his experience and vice versa. Having worked as a Teaching Assistant for Stephen Lewis, Bobby had the opportunity to lead Mr. Lewis’s undergraduate tutorials on the Millennium Development Goals, where he gained a wealth of knowledge about the direction we should move. From education to volunteer experience Bobby has transformed his life into a journey of positive change.