About the Campaign

ACTIVE-8 is a campaign inspired by the idea that each of us CAN make a difference: that small changes by individual Canadians can lead to BIG change for everyone, everywhere.

Since 2010, with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through the Canadian International Development Agency,  the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC) brings 8 young Atlantic Canadians together who are an inspiration for all of us who dream of a better world.

Collectively those 24 young people – our ACTIVE-8 Global Youth Ambassadors – inspired 11,033 acts of generosity and hope: 11,033 acts that have changed the world.

This year, the ACIC will host our 4th annual ACTIVE-8 online campaign by profiling the exciting and inspiring work of 8 young Atlantic Canadians.

It is our hope that you’ll be inspired by their work – so inspired that you too will make changes in your life that impact on a global scale. This campaign will run throughout the month of February as a way to highlight what we already know: Atlantic Canadians care about the world around us. As a people, we know that community matters and big change comes from local communities working together to make that change happen.

Please join us in showing the world that Canadians know our actions make a difference – declare your commitment to building a better world!


Did one of our Active-8! Ambassadors direct you to this webpage and ask you to take an action on their behalf?

Great! Simply return to the home page and select their profile. Once there, you can watch their video and read their profile to learn more about them and get inspired… OR just click on the “act now” button and submit your action!

Each action made through the profile page of an Active-8! Ambassador will be counted towards a running tally of acts they have inspired. Whichever one of them has the most actions attributed to their work by 11:59pm on February 28th, 2013 will win $1000. This winner will be announced on March 1st.

Already know what you can do to make a change that will impact the world?

Great! Simply click on the “act now” page and enter your pledge to make that change during the month of February. Actions posted through the “act now” page, as opposed to one of the individual profile pages, will NOT be counted when we determine the winner of the $1000.

Need Inspiration?

Who doesn’t? You’ve got two choices:

1) Check out the online profiles of our Active-8! Ambassadors and let their work inspire your actions. If one of them has a vision for the future and does work that stands out as an inspiration to you, take your action via their profile page.

2) We’ve created a list of actions for you based on the Millennium Development Goals – simple changes you could make to help evolve our global reality into the one envisioned by global leaders at the United Nations.

Once you’ve selected which of these actions best fits what you can and want to do, you can either enter it on the “act now” page, OR choose the Active-8 Ambassador who inspires you most and take your action on their behalf.

Does every action count? Who decides?

Good question! In order to ensure that actions are actual commitments to make a positive change in the world, ACIC staff members will review each action before it appears on the website. We retain the right to reject actions that are offensive, harmful or irrelevant to the spirit of the campaign. If you take an action and don’t see it on the site within 2 business days, feel free to contact us at info@acic-caci.org to ask why. Make sure to include “Active-8 Campaign Action” in your subject line, and the action you took in the body of your email. We’ll respond with our feedback as soon as we can!